Regarding the Eritrean Che Guevara/s in Tigray

Attention All Tigrayans
By Getachew Reda
June 14, 2007

criminal and mercenary group
"..criminal and mercenary group... "

As you now the innocent leaders from Kinijit, and other opposition group, individuals and media people are currently at the hands of the “Eritrean Che Guevara/s” controlling the Ethiopian court of justice that found them guilty without any justification of legal or moral authority to judge them. Such shocking news is what all Ethiopians discussing on media currently. Our hearts and minds go to those our brothers/sisters/fathers who are currently languishing in jail unfairly, their only crime for being “Ethiopians at Herat”. That too should have been our first priority and condemned it in our Tigrayan community press releases for the historical records.

Having said this, there is also one sensitive subject that we the Tigrayans living in the Diaspora and inside Ethiopia need to address. The propaganda that is been largely spread out by TPLF/EPRDF cadres to defame Kinijit leaders as “an Amhara party” and “ant Tigrayan party” or a party of “hate mongers” and “chauvinists Dergist” and the like defaming campaign must be rejected immediately by all Ethiopia loving Tigrayans. Such campaign is designed a head of time after the election that exposed TPLF naked in shame in the center of the capital city of Ethiopia to boost its remaining ammunition to the what recently Sebhata’s and his likes new propaganda of “MeTsaet Tigray” (The Coming New Republic of Tigray) is all about. Brainwashing and disturbing the mind of the Tigrayans was the tool that TPLF expertises are skilled with. It this manipulation that many Tigrayan brothers and sisters are still confused and trapped in such campaign of labeling Kinijit as Anti Tigray, Derg, Amhara chauvinists and hate monger groups (even some Eritreans are allowed to defame “Kinijit” leaders on (the TPLF/EPRDF propaganda website).

I will dedicate a special article to this regarding why even some Tigrayan who oppose Meles and Sibhat hesitate to support Kinijit leaders who are in jail. That is not new, as you remember very well, they were attacking me years back as anti Tigray, Amhara, Showaiyan Tegaru, all kinds of negative names on the planet for exposing TPLF as mercenary, when some of them were editors for the dormant Deki Alula and Tigray net website (the Siye Abraha and the dissident’s Crying Wolf groups) on which later came to my side and repeat what I was saying for years themselves by the grace of God! So do now, I could see the same confusion that many of my brothers and sisters from Tigray are trapped hesitating to condemned the act of Meles and kept silent or chose to discuss about Siye Abraha’s issue in closed Tele Conference instead of crying about the real men of Kinijit leaders and media people and other Ethiopians who stood for Ethiopia as a whole. We still need to widen our eye further than that. An till I deal on exclusive article regarding this issue, I am like to address to all of you about the recent related assertion of what the TPLF hangman Sebhat Negga’s divisive intention tried to create conflict and war between Tigray and Ethiopia. Even if you failed to come out with press release to condemn Meles’s cruel act against the Kinijit leaders, I am asking all of you my brothers and sisters from Tigray region, that we have to openly come with a press release of condemnation to oppose last week’s message the evil design in Tigray by Sebhat Negga and the rest of the “Eritrean Che Guevaras” ruling Tigray in our name, telling his group to stop using Tigrayan blood to defend their Eritrean agenda. Our position on this matter must be openly expressed to the people of Tigray to express our concern about such dangerous destructive design and inform and alert our people that Sibhat and his disciples must be hold accountable, god forbid if conflict to happen according to the wish and declaration of future war by Sebhat and his disciples.

Many of you who lived in Tigray recall perfectly, that TPLF was never been taken seriously as the liberator of Tigray (in fact its movement was limited in Shire and near Awraja remote villages for many years after its fighters surrounded captured and killed by the villagers when tried to mobilize its fighters to the unfriendly areas of KilteAwlalo and Enderta Awraja/Didiba Dergaajjen (even as we speak specially in Mekel, are not liked, Mekel residents are now intimidated by gangs/ MAJRAT MECHI and drug dealers, snatching cellular phones from men and gold from women ears) ant ill the lampoon “Derg” later gave TPLF unexpected ammunition called “Red Terror” on which many young students fled to the jungle from fear and join TPLF as a safe guard to save their live not to liberate Tigray or to liberate Eritrea as TPLF leaders are blatantly distorted historical facts.

By the way who are these leaders. For today let me start with Sibhat Negga. Who is Sebhat Negga? Sebhatu/Sebhat as some called him. His real name Weldeselassie Negga. His father Fitawrari Negga. He completed his high school in Mekele. Graduate from Haileselassie University (1964). He and the “LEKlaKi-TegelabaCh-Akrobatist” Abraham Yayeh (who got fired lately by his employer EPLF in Asmra currently applying employment application to the Diaspora Eritrean oppositions and to TPLF/EPRDF in Addis Ababa to be allowed to live in Ethiopia as a business man begging Mels Zenawi and his cousin Sebhat allow him for the new millennium to let him in come to) are sons of two sisters.

His feudal diplomatic ability has earned him followers from Adua. In fact he is the main player for TPLF/EPRDF government to be filled and directed by individuals from Adua. His extreme feudal character is readable upfront from his body language (those who got the chance to talk to him in person knows what I meant). He is a typical example of the Adua feudal- in fact he is worst feudal than the classic feudal. He wrangled minor issue back and forth and elevated it to a protracted argument especially if it is Amhara and Tigray issue. He loved to dedicate his time to hear so much chat if it is about history of Tigrayan feudalism. They say he admire feudalism from Tigray who had conflicts with shoa feudals. For your surprise those who knew him from his university life in Addis Ababa; they say, he used to preach saying, “abolish the ultra leftists!” “Gewunuwom” (Kewunwachew)- means “kill them on the street”. The leftist in this sense is the ant feudal group who undermined the Tigrayan feudalistic-minded students who dedicated their focus on Tigray and only Tigray.

“Sebhat Nega has a full control over the affairs of Tigrai, a region which is on the brink of uprising in the face of continued repression and the chopping away of sovereign territories to Eritrea. "Why Tigrai?" One may ask. Tigrai is that bore the brunt of Eritrea's war of aggression, and the one that endured 17 years of war to remove a military dictatorship but died a double-death when it realized that the TPLF which carried the name "Tigrai" had in its womb carried Eritrean agents who would fight and destroy all the values and interests Ethiopia has stood up defending over the ages. For this reason, Sebhat Nega, who realized that Tigrai may become a graveyard for his likes, is recruiting his henchmen”. (Berhe W.Gabriel), the Author of Good Bye Badime at least for Now!)
It is been recalled also that it was Sebhat Negga that coordinated to infiltrate individual spy net work to watch secretly the activity and development of Tigray solidarity organized by Tigrayans who were former TPLF and none TPLF member who vowed to fight TPLF/Sebhat –Meles group from destroying Ethiopian unity and defend Tigrayans from being manipulated by the group of Eritrean Che Guevara/s. While boosting the morale of Ethiopians on the one hand, Solidarity has been sending shockwaves to Meles and his accomplices that no amount of conspiracy would divide Ethiopians. According to Berhe W.Gabriel “Solidarity was a bone in the throat of the Meles-Sebhat Nega ruling clique”
“ The architect of the evil design is Sebhat Nega, the TPLF hangman, who is plotting to incite an intra-Tigrai conflict by trying to pit the people of Adua against their own people in the rest of Tigrai. Sebhat Nega is deliberately recruiting and empowering with administrative and security powers individuals from Adua. Unlike Solidarity where Tigrians stand in unison, and where our brothers and sisters from Adua play a key role in strengthening Solidarity, Sebhat Nega is sowing the seeds of hate over a people who have lived as one family. Whether they are from Adua or not, disguised TPLF leaders have hit rock bottom, and TPLF's disappearance as a criminal and mercenary group is a matter of time. But we warn everyone to be aware of the dangers of what Sebhat is doing, and paid-agents must refrain from being the tool of one individual whose loyalty to the Eritrean-agent prime minister is beyond any shadow of doubt”. Berhe W.Gabriel (Good Bye Badime at leaset for Now April 2, 2003)
As you are witnessing the bitterness, the rage of many Tigrayans against these mercenaries is overwhelming. The endless political intrigues being hatched in offices of Meles Zenawi in Addis, and Sebhat Nega in Tigrai is still alive ever since the dissidents left TPLF power. The latest warning given by Sebhat Negga through DimTsi weyane Tigray addressed to the Ethiopian and Tigrayan community regarding Tigrayans still be ready to give their blood and property to defend Eritrea with the expense of Tigrayans is some thing that all Tigrayans should not be relaxed. Worst of course also he asserted that there will be disintegration of Tigrayan society from Ethiopia and declare another round of war if anyone tempered with TPLF constitution. That is a serious signal and a nationaltask and responsibility that such evil design by the Eritrean Che Guevera/s must cut short before it destroy our Ethiopian fabric. Most of all I like to address the Tigrayans to form a task of a new committee from all community to protect our Tigrayan brothers and sisters living all over Ethiopia from physical harm that Sebhat and his groups are made ready for them by their evil design, Tigrayns to be expose for hate mongers and extremists all over Ethiopian provinces while living peacefully enjoying their Ethiopian nationality, unity, pride, culture, and way of living founded by their proud Tigrayan hero Ethiopian ancestors.
My intention here is as brother Berhe W. Gabriel signaled us before four years ago when the intrigue of Sebhat Negga was sowing seed hate among Tigrayans to create Intra- Tigrayan conflicts. Though the intense of hostility was never cooled off, this time Sebhat and his group are coming back with the most dangerous seed of hate ever aired openly to the media to be harmed our Tigrayan people by others to accomplish their mission of Ethiopian distraction. Yes, It would be better to signal the warning against the evil design today than when it is too late to do any good. Ethiopia will prevail!!!-/- /

The writer, Getachew Reda, is a resident of San Jose, California, and can be reached at