Time's up for dictators

By Joe Michael , November 13, 2008

Ruthless mercenary, Meles Zenawi
It is a dream come true for millions of Americans who have never thought to see this day. It is also a hope for so many people and governments around the world who have been devastated by the wars and the economic crisis.

On the other hand, the victory came as a shock for some stonehearted dictators around the world who have been killing and torturing their own people.

Obama’s victory is a stop sign for brutal leaders like the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who took advantage of the ‘war on terrorism’ to kill and torture his political opponents. While the Bush administration considered Zenawi as a close ally, he is better known for torturing, arresting, and killing his political opponents. In what was called the cruelest and disturbing political techniques of the 21st century, more than 193 people, including women and children were gunned down by the government special armed forces post 2005 election, and more than 25,000 opposition members were arrested.

The Ethiopian government is continually arresting its opponents and journalist that question its act of violence. Several people are still remaining in jail in a systematic arrest including the famous singer Teddy Afro, who criticized the government through one of his prominent music’s. Like most African dictators, Meles Zenawi has been Ethiopia’s Head of Government for more than 18 years. With Obama swearing in, America will have its fourth president since Meles Zenawi became Ethiopia’s head of state.

As President-elect Obama looks forward to taking over the Oval Office on January 20th, the entire world is enthusiastically waiting to see a number of policy changes. The U.S. foreign policy will be one of the new President’s priorities that are set to be changed. Countries like Ethiopia will have to prove their democracy in order to remain as the United States allies. Undoubtedly, time is up for dictators who have been dancing with the stars in the name of the war on terrorism. They like it or not, change is coming.