Seeye Abraha's new thinking travels to Denver, Seattle

By Teodros Kiros (Ph.D.) / Jan 26, 2008
The melodic voice of Seeye travels nationally, and wherever he goes the Ethiopian people are embracing his call for the unconditional release of the prisoners of conscience, the majority of whom speak Oromiffa. Seeye is being embraced by the young and old, men and women, across the vast stretch of the Diaspora arena and beyond it to the heart of the interiors of Ethiopia.

Some reputable journalists are reporting that Seeye’s New thinking is giving the prevailing regime massive headaches.

Indeed Seeye’s voice is connecting with the pulse of the Ethiopian people. His admissions of mistakes made and peaceful roads unraveled are resonating well with Ethiopian people everywhere. Ethiopians are responding to his apologies with kindness and understanding, characteristic of the Classical Ethiopian personality.

Seeye’s repeated assertion to Ethiopians everywhere that he is not going to rest until the prisoners of conscience are released; his insistence that the democratic project that the prevailing regime had begun during its heydays must be rejuvenated immediately ; his articulate call for fundamental change of the sham federalism that is allowing the executive branch to swallow the legislative and the judicial branches; his challenge of Meles that he is prepared to meet him anywhere and work towards transforming Ethiopia by putting it on a genuine democratic path; and finally, his courageous promise to the Ethiopian people that he is prepared to die for a noble cause—these themes and many others are drawing Diaspora Ethiopians to come and listen to him in record numbers .

Large Halls filled to the rim at DC and Denver and are attracting Ethiopians of varied political stripes who are busily engaging Seeye and wishing him well and opening centers of reasoned dialogue, and civic associations and making concerted efforts to give structure, organization and sustainability to his clarion call that we must either change the country or die.

Seeye is reminding all those who come to listen to him that Ethiopians must use their valor, their tenacity and their globally admired capacity for resistance to transform Ethiopia and wake it from deep sleep.

As Seeye travels to Seattle next, New Thinking will meet thousands of Ethiopians who are awaiting the voice of reason and the symbol of military to engage them in political thinking.

At Seattle, New Thinking confronts Ethiopians of varied stripes. Ethiopians who have not spoken to one another for years, thanks to the politics of destructive ethnicity and ideological rigidness, came to a large hall and listened to Seeye’s mature voice, calling for change and reconciliation.

Reporters who attended the event noted that the beginning of the meeting was tense and stuffy, as members of EPRP, MEISON, TPLF and ONEG were there sizing Seeye up and eyeing each other with suspicion and unease. Once Seeye opened his mouth and fluent Amharic saturated the whole, the audience was full of smiles and radiant with hope. Seeye, too, I was told threw myriad flashes of smile mediated through grace, elegance and subtle charisma. The audience fell for it as the military hero and potential statesman espoused words of wisdom and shrewd political advice.

Seeye’s themes are acquiring pereniality and they are: Ethiopian sovereignty, peaceful resistance, overcoming ethnicity, the Eritrean question framed by the idea of Classical Ethiopianity. At Seattle he hammered on Ethiopianity and reminded the Ormos that without them, there is no Ethiopia, as every ethnic group has intermarried with the oroms, and that, it is unthinkable to slice Ethiopia, without demolishing its Oromo fiber. This theme resonated with the oromos and exacted heart felt applause. He made sure to stress that he is not inviting the Oromos to the Ethiopian palaver so as the secure their sympathies, but is rather profoundly dismayed by recent Oromo nationalism that is ready and willing to sacrifice Ethiopian sovereignty and Ethiopian history.

His call for unity is motivated by an Ethiopian renaissance mediated by the idea of Ethiopianity.

He also advised every Ethiopian to be weary of ethnic divisions as the prevailing regime is ruling by dividing Ethiopians across ethnic lines, so that it can prevent a united Ethiopian resistance, by replacing ethnicity with Ethiopianity. Reporters from Seattle are unanimously united that the tension at Seattle was resolved through the reasoned dialogue that is sweeping contemporary Ethiopian politics as the mesmerizing changes that Seeye has put on the table are being carefully studied by Ethiopians everywhere.

Seeye’s renedvous with Victory is now at the footsteps of every Ethiopians door, and the new topic is Ethiopianity.