Tesfaye Gebreab and his grudge on the role of Seye et al Andenet/Medrek

By Robele Ababya / April 21, 2010
This piece, which is written without fear or soliciting favor, is prompted by the recent slur on Seye Abraha et al and by extension a veiled attack on Medrek with a motive to divide it, which is unfortunate at this time when unity of opposition forces against tyrant Meles is needed more than ever. The attack on Medrek and its popular leaders at this time is a much needed respite for TPLF, which is running out of ideas and therefore doomed to die at the polls. This writer listened to the interview given by Tesfaye Gebreab to ECADF. Some of the accusations labeled against Seye by the author of Yederaseew Mastawesha, among others, makes one wonder whether he is a victim of the contagious lies his former TPLF bosses infected him with for their political expediency.

Tesfaye accuses Seye of snatching the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJP) leadership from its founder, Birtukan Mideksa. He made it appear as if Seye moved up to a position of power in UDJP while he ‘kept’ the Chairwoman of the Party in prison.

In the opinion of this writer, one cannot find an iota of truth in this defamation by Author Tesfaye. It seems that his accusation is based on jealousy rather than facts, given the alarm with which he expressed what appeared to him Seye’s rapid rise to power. He should be reminded to show respect for the intelligence, patience, political maturity and civility demonstrated by the Ethiopian people in the 2005 election. Consequently, the people know who would merit leadership posts in a fair, free and credible election. So Seye et al will be put to strict public scrutiny as election 2010 approaches and as such Author Tesfaye has nothing to worry about unless he is in doubt about the maturity of the electorate.

First of all, Ato Seye and Dr. Negaso Gidada were members of Medrek even before the UDJP joined it (Medrek) in their capacity as individuals belonging to no political party or group. Medrek at a later date was transformed into a coalition of eight political parties including UDJP under the new name and the duos had initially no place in the new arrangement.

The UDJP made a smart and wise move of inviting the duo to join the Party. It is common knowledge that Ato Seye did not jump on to accept the invitation. In a nutshell, he took considerable time to consider and decide while giving the UDJP leadership time to make their house in order and make sure was he would be acceptable. He finally joined the Party, thanks to the brilliant move and insistence of its leaders to confirm that he was welcome to become a member.

The above being the truth, the outrageous accusation of Author Tesfaye holds no water. Whether he likes it or not Medrek is enjoying a rising support at home and in the Diaspora as witnessed by a series of mammoth crowds showing up at its public gatherings.

Dr. Negaso and Ato Seye along with Dr. Bulcha Demekesa, Dr. Merrera Gudina, Ato Gebru Asrat Professor Beyene Petros et al have indeed made significant contributions to the swelling support of the people of Ethiopia for Medrek, which is genuinely seeking a peaceful change through the ballot box unless the ruling party does not completely stop the already narrow political space.

At this critical time it is essential to subscribe to the Virginia Declaration, which reads: “We call upon all political parties, including the TPLF/EPRDF, to convene an all inclusive National Conference for Peace and Reconciliation, with a view to establishing a Transitional Government of National Unity that prepares the country for an unfettered free and fair election.”

It is imprudent for Author Tesfaye to play a divisive role. His singling out during the interview only the Amharas and Oromos as informants of TPLF is another divisive and derisive bias given that Eritreans and members of other ethnic groups do much more of the same and as such are abundantly rewarded for their betraysls.

This is the time for saving Ethiopia from sinking further into the abyss - most preferably in an open forum of truth, peace and reconciliation to be overseen by men and women renowned for their knowledge, experience and integrity. A transitional government for laying down the foundation of a truly democratic society and restoring power to the people is imperative. That kind of democratic society in which there shall be no prisoners of conscience will then, through fair, free and credible election, confer power on political leaders to serve the people strictly in accordance with the constitution made and approved by the people.

Needles to say Author Tesfaye can run for office of his choice in a democratic election should he so wish. For now he should amicably and constructively collaborate with Seye et al in Medrek to correct past political mistakes or differences and thereby reward the Ethiopian people.

It appears that the Ethiopian people consider that Dr. Negaso, Ato Seye et al as new comers to UDJP are doing a fine job so far. Thanks to their courage to face tyrant Meles on home soil.

As to the icon Judge Birtukan, she stands on a high moral ground above politics both at home and globally. The Almighty God will through His people deliver to her all the glory He has in store for her, her old mother who needs her support and her cute five-year daughter, Hale, who wants her mum to come home where she needs her love everyday twenty-four hours a day. He will protect her from vultures that shed crocodile tears for her for cheap political gains.

Release Judge Birtukan and all political prisoners!


The writer can be reached at robele_ababya@yahoo.com