Zenawi in his phantom dream to avert uprising in Ethiopia

By Robele Ababya / April 20, 2011

Fitting tribute to heroic Ethiopians in North America
This writer was exceedingly delighted by the heroic protest which was so bravely and systematically carried by esteemed fellow Ethiopians in North America and in that noble exercise humiliating the thug emissaries of tyrant Meles Zenawi that came to the United States with sinister messages to hoodwink Ethiopians in the Diaspora and milk their dollars in the name of their much publicized transformation of the Ethiopian economy within the current national plan. But Ethiopians said no to the TPLF invaders known for their pathological lies, deceit, daylight robberies of national wealth and, above all, gross violations of human rights including committing genocide.

 "Ethiopians can never be reconciled to a dictatorship that maintains itself by brute force alone." Prof Al

The victory by Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans marked a giant step forward in triggering the expected large scale peaceful popular uprising at home and abroad of which Zenawi is scared to death. The ongoing onslaught on the Oromo people of Ethiopia by the brutal illegitimate ruling is yet again another clear manifestation of the fear of the regime of the inevitable uprising.

Symbolism of Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square in the Egyptian Capital Cairo has surfaced as a household symbol synonymous with quest for democracy in our global village. Recently, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was asked in a BBC program whether the kind of uprising seen at the Square would occur in China. He responded ingeniously by saying that the quest for democracy is universal and that if not in his life time China would eventually become a democracy undoubtedly.

What transpired in Tahrir Square vindicated the assertion that individuals have every right to break the shackle of unjust political and cultural parochialism of the society into which they are born by default. It reaffirmed that throughout history, enlightened individuals take the initiative, singularly or collectively, to conceive the requisite vision, set out strategies, educate and spur passive societies into uprisings in order to overthrow and outdated oppressive social order. In so doing such individuals pay heavy sacrifices including death at the hands of despotic rulers.

Ethiopia under the misrule of Meles Zenawi sacrificed her beloved sons and daughters in the last 20 years and sadly the threat to continue with his atrocities is being loudly told to the public by the tyrant in power unless his outdated policy is accepted without question.
But Ethiopians have always been saying NO! to the misrule of Zenawi regime. Albeit belatedly, the fragmented struggle of Ethiopian opposition forces is now showing fruit converging on the patriotic message ??! ??! ????! ???! ???! ?????! ??! ???! meaning “Enough!” in eight of Ethiopian languages. The first two are in Amharic and Oromiffa, respectively, both of which are by far the most widely spoken languages of Ethiopia.
Indeed Meles is in nightmare and busy reviving worn out issues to deflect public attention.

The Nile dam construction syndrome

The issue of sharing the waters of the Blue Nile shall always be governed by international law. The past acrimonious relations will end for good because the nascent democracy in Egypt will find a partner in the emerging democratic order in Ethiopia after tyrant Meles Zenawi is inevitably dethroned by popular uprising. It is indeed a propitious moment for pro-Ethiopia democratic movements at home and the Diaspora to strengthen ties with pro-democracy Egyptians everywhere.
One should add that for any viable project financing global institutions are quick to provide the fund required and there would have been no need for the unpopular Meles to raise money by seeking contribution from Ethiopians at home and the Diaspora for his envisaged Nile dam construction. Zenawi did not pursue this course for he had ulterior motive of confusing the public. In particular, the timing of announcing the project to build a gigantic dam makes the tyrant suspect as to his good intention. It is not unreasonable to suspect that he is secretly helping counter-revolutionaries in Egypt.
Democratic Egypt will not go engage in a land war with Ethiopia. But, Zenawi in his state of paranoia may wish and have us believe that his brutal regime can protect the grand dam by putting in place an air defense system capable of intercepting and destroying incoming hostile missiles with certainty (100% probability) at all times. The question is whether he can do it.? The answer is no. So, the construction of the dam is Zenawi’s phantom dream to avert popular uprising in Ethiopia

Let the new march start afresh "Let the incoherent activities end. Let the petty bickering stop. And let Ethiopians unite against poverty, hunger, corruption, injustice, discrimination, humiliation…in their own country. Let the new march start afresh"Abebe Gellaw

Liberty, freedom, dignity, democracy, prosperity & inclusivity all in one

Ethiopians want their country to prosper through hard work, creativity and inclusivity under the rule of law equal to all. However, they do not want to compromise their natural right to liberty, freedom, dignity and democracy; these are nonnegotiable universal values that are common to humanity. Government officials are supposed to be to obey unconditionally the will of the people that has voted them into office. As such they are accountable to unlawful activities.

Tyrant Melees has realized that his strategy of divide-and-rule along ethnic lines, ruthlessly applied over the last 20 years, is crumbling in the face of widespread revolutions in the world that embrace freedom and human dignity as overarching universal values essential to every individual irrespective of his/her religious creed, ideology or ethnic origin. He is seized with panic that the Amhara and Oromo components in the EPRDF Party are to say the least bitter about their being systematically excluded from the center of power in the coalition – and that the exclusion has reached an intolerable climax in the present composition of the Executive Committees effectively dominated by members of TPLF.

The tsunami of change is sweeping all over Africa as well. Kaddafi is hanging to power by a thin thread that will break at any time; the demand for reform is rocking the Kingdom of Swaziland; Mugabe’s days are numbered; the demand for justice for crimes in the aftermath of Kenyan election of 2008 has brought the Acampo six, the masterminds of that crime, to spotlight in connection with their appearance in the International Criminal Court in The Hague; Mubarak and his two sons are under detention for investigation for corruption and abuse of power; Ali Saleh is of Yemen is in a nightmare worried of his fate of the inevitable fall from power in disgrace; the once invincible Syrian leader is being beset by a wave of protests across the country which is adamant to go away despite promises of reforms; the President of Burkina Faso fled his Palace to escape capture by his discounted body guards over poor standard of living. So, there is no future for the inept and corrupt African leaders.

Laurent Gbagbo Côte D’Ivoire has been arrested at last. He and his accomplices are lucky that they will face justice. Moreover, President Alassante Ouattara has shown magnanimity to establish truth and reconciliation commission (similar to that of South Africa) in order to heal the wound inflicted on the Ivorian people by the defunct President Laurent Gbagbo and his accomplices.

In sharp contrast, Meles Zenawi did not show magnanimity on assuming power by the barrel of the gun. Instead he chose to preside over the reign of terror replete with atrocities that characterize his regime as an occupying force similar to Italian Fascists. Zenawi’s end in disgrace is certain for there will be no place for despots like him in the 21st century. The phenomenal revolutions spearheaded by the youths everywhere will drive the last nails in the coffins of dictators and a new world order without wars, greed or corruptions will prevail.

It is wonderful to live in this century where the last tyrants on our global village are digging their own graves for their burials. The right thing to do on the part of all democratic forces is to hit the iron while it is hot for those burials to happen much sooner than later. The youths in Ethiopia are well advised to join their counterparts across the world to intensify the superb job of giving hell to dictators through concerted action using modern electronic media. They should say no more prisoners of conscience, no more oppression; no more corruption. They should demand Liberty, freedom, dignity, democracy, prosperity & inclusivity all in one

Some Suggestions
• Reiterate in no uncertain terms that the unity of Ethiopia is in the best interest of all ethnic groups; and to that end avoid alliance with forces that do not accept the territorial integrity of Ethiopia in good faith;
• Enforce the policy of Emperor Thewodrors that Ethiopian land is NOT for sale;
• No compromise with the TPLF regime leader, Zenawi, who has publicly called peaceful opposition groups his enemies; condemn strongly his divisive ethnic based federal system as a bad example detrimental to the aspirations of the African Union;
• Regard the TPLF regime as a colonizer and a mercenary that does not care about the interests of Ethiopia;
• Work hard to avoid regional wars or military clashes; to that end, condemn Al Shabab, Shabia & TPLF;
• Support and associate with democratic forces in Egypt and the Diaspora;
• Defy the bloated TPLF government; declare loudly in unison and say NO! to TPLF occupation; say Amen to: ENOUGH! Beka! Gaye! Bass! Wetandem! Alonyi! Diiteh! Gides! Yeakel!


Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!