Ridding Ethiopia of the TPLF gang

By Robele Ababya / April 18, 2011

Let the new march start afresh "Let the incoherent activities end. Let the petty bickering stop. And let Ethiopians unite against poverty, hunger, corruption, injustice, discrimination, humiliation…in their own country. Let the new march start afresh"Abebe Gellaw

One people! One country! One man-one vote!

Ethiopia was betrayed by the League of Nations (LoN) and the Fascist Italian Forces unleashed a naked aggression replete with grave violation of human rights, war crimes, crimes against humanity including genocide. Some Western powers in the LoN even encouraged the Fascist Mussolini to enter Addis Ababa and consummate his occupation and carry on with his ‘civilizing’ mission with the blessing of the Pope at the Vatican. But his brutal action of a savage was in sharp contrast to the humane handling of the prisoners of war of Fascist Italy at the hands of God fearing pious Ethiopians.  

I am elated, humbled and mesmerized by the heroic deeds of the young patriots who had never met before converging from distant places on the soil of Tigray to fight the Fascist invaders and showing mercy to captured soldiers of the ruthless enemy. The grand question is what kind of a formidable force brought Abichu, Amdetsion, Gashu, Haptom and Worku together to accomplish such unimaginable feats? What motivated the bare-footed, ill-trained, poorly equipped Ethiopian militias, including those from as far as Kembatta, to travel for six to seven months mostly on foot to Tigray and give hell to Marshall Marshal Badoglio – supreme commander of the invading Italian Fascist Army?  They all vowed in the name of Immiye Menelik II to crush the Fascist invaders hell-bent on enslaving the Ethiopian people. For more information, readers are referred to my article titled “Top patriot Abichu & his wartime heroic compatriots” dated 24 February 2012 and posted on most democratic websites.

The people of Ethiopia spontaneously and enthusiastically responded to the call of Immye Menilik to mobilize for the Battle of Adwa; and similarly to the call of leaders during the war with Somalia and Eritrea, subsequently. This phenomenon has been enigmatic to political scientists accustomed to hearing Ethiopians mention the name of their region of birth as their country when asked where they are from.

In view of the paragraphs above, Ethiopia is one country and we are one people with unbreakably intertwined cultural diversity. Culture is dynamic and will change in favor of strengthening our bond – for our common humanity transcend our ethnicity. Ways we do things change with progress in science and technology; new words infiltrate our languages and enrich our vocabularies; some languages die and new ones are created - the case in point being for example:  the relatively recently created Swahili is lingua franca in East Africa; Latin and Geez are limited to liturgical prayers church services; few in our generation know that Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, is almost dead although He has over a billion followers and counting. It is predicted that far fewer languages will be spoken in our world by the turn of this century. But Zenawi wants credit by fooling nationalities as their defender to remain with harmful cultural practices that may not stand the test of time.

One man one vote is our best choice to live together in harmony, dignity and prosperity. The one and only one challenge for all of us is how we can pull ourselves out of abject poverty with inclusive democratic participation of all ethnic groups.  The point is that we have to be prepared for and be willing to accept change for it is inevitable. Let graduates of Dedebit stay fossilized in their worn out theory of Nations and Nationalities, which its author Stalin himself refused to honor but instead sent secession seekers  into internal exile or prison in Siberia.

Unrewarded contribution to world peace & national liberation

Ethiopia fulfilled her mandates in Korea and the Congo as part of her obligations under collective security of the United Nations.

Ethiopia actively opposed secession in Africa advocating status quo to colonial boundaries for the sake of forming the OAU

It is a matter of record that Ethiopia played vanguard roles in rendering genuine assistance to liberation movements in almost all black African countries except Liberia, which was independent. Students from liberation groups from Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe et al received training in Ethiopia. The irreplaceable Prime Minister of Ethiopia, the late Aklilu Hapte Wold, strongly argued in favor of independence for Somalia. The Dergue regime strongly supported the independence of Djibouti; it gave substantial support and training to freedom fighters of Zimbabwe and Angola. What did Ethiopia get out of all the positive contributions aforementioned except morale satisfaction? Isn’t Ethiopia still a victim of global injustice? Didn’t Siad Barre incessantly accuse Ethiopia as a colonizer - eventually invading our motherland at a time he considered propitious immediately after the fall of the Imperial regime taking advantage of internal division within our country and the execution of top officials by the Dergue regime?

 As usual, however, Ethiopians set aside their domestic differences and dealt a heavy blow to the invading army of Barre that eventually led to his downfall.

Zenawi went to the extreme in ethnic cleansing

The tyrant has reached a point of no return in his heinous crimes. The recent ethnic cleansing of the Amharas from Gura Ferda in Southern Ethiopia is yet another shocking addition to his already repugnant similar heinous crimes well known to and condemned by the international community. This bestial act in the long list of terrorism perpetrated by the TPLF regime requires urgent retaliation to stop it by pulverizing the inner kleptocratic clique of Zenawi. Thereafter, a lean and cost-effective government must be constituted to replace the bloated administration of the of TPLF regime feeding 5.7 million parasitic cadres.

The international community has so far failed to reciprocate for what Ethiopia has contributed to world peace and the liberation of black African states. Our country is on the verge of destruction. Ethnic cleansing is a sure thing rearing its ugly head. We are alone in our fight for freedom, dignity, and sovereignty in this troubled world where moral laws have been shoved to the backburner.

At this critical time of fast approaching the dead end for a peaceful democratic change, there is a lesson for us in this quotation by Sir Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves”.

So, my fellow Ethiopians, let us admit that we had, due to lack of unity, forfeited many a time our golden chance when victory could have been sure and not too costly. Nevertheless we must without further delay meticulously plan, organize and mobilize in order to launch a highly coordinated thunderous civil disobedience nationwide at home and to hold protest demonstrations in the Diaspora including making diplomatic representations for our just cause. And do so not forgetting that Ethiopians as young as Abichu, Amdetsion, Gashu, Haptom, Worku and the leader of the 15,000 strong militia from Kembatta chose to fight Fascist Italy fiercely with determination to die than live in slavery. The young patriots created their command structure, formed a team, and chose their commander Abichu. This concept of centralized command was one of the decisive factors for their success.

What do you say folks? Is it not our turn to emulate the example of our heroic militia?

Mobilization requires resources in manpower and logistics. Remember our heroic militia had to provide resources of their own to travel for up to 6-7 months to meet the Fascist enemy in Tigray. Ask whether we are not better off to unite similarly and hit back at tyrant Zenawi who had publicly called us his enemies by snapping our call for peaceful change through civilized dialogue? Don’t you think it is time that the opposition chose a transitional leader?

Scholars live in trepidation; their exodus is rampant; wide spread corruption is crippling economic growth and degrading moral; the youth are forced to live under the umbrella of a single party; most unemployed youth have become drug addicts; health services are so poor and unable to check the spread of disease;  the making of a personality cult is soaring.   We must therefore act as a united people to get out of the quagmire to which our inaction has put us into.

Let us make a solemn pledge that in all cases where any ethnic group is a Zenawi-sponsored victim of terrorism, eviction or intimidation each of us is a member of that group. The Amharas were victims of genocide in Arbagugu once and they are victims of cleansing now in Gura Farda; so I am an Amhara of Oromo origin. The Anuak were once victims of genocide and now they are victims of eviction from their ancestral home; so I am an Anuak. The Ogadenese are victims of carpet bombing and artillery barrage; so I am an Ogadeni. The Afars are victims of eviction from their ancestral home; so I am an Afari. Ancient Christian Monasteries such as Waldba, Zequala and Asebot are under threat of extinction; so I condemn the unholy act in the strongest term in much the same I would have done for holy sites of Judaic and Muslim religious faiths.




Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia including Andualem Aragie, Iskinder Nega, Nathnael et al