Invicible power of quest for freedom

By Robele Ababya / September 11, 2009
Here is a quotation from the speech by Sir Winston Churchill in 1940 during the raging flame of World War II: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory here is no survival”. Hitler lost the War leaving a memory of gruesome crimes for humanity and especially for the civilized German people living with regrets and determined that such crimes perpetrated by dictators will not happen again.

Two more events to substantiate the title of this piece:

  1. It took the Jewish people more than 2000 years of persecution, isolation, and sacrifice to reclaim their rightful God-given land of their ancestors and eventually establish a Jewish State in 1949. The victory marked the end of a unique gruesome case of invasion by foreign power forcing the Jewish people out of their land and scatter all over the world. Israel is now the most powerful force in the Middle East militarily and robust economically. The Israelis were no doubt driven by the invincible power of quest for freedom to establish themselves as a bulwark of democracy in the oasis of hostile environment governed by despots. It is amazing that a small State with population 100 times less than that of its opponents, not to say enemies, could withstand the threat to destroy it. It is a small country in the geographical sense but who would deny that Israel is a strong player in world political arena – sometimes even suspected of setting the agenda for the foreign policy of its strong supporters.
  2. The Great October Revolution arose from the oppression of the Russian people by their Tsars. Vladimir Lenin founded his Bolshevik Communist Party and, following a bloody struggle, took state power in 1917 as a vanguard for upholding the slogan: “To each according to his needs; from each according to his ability”. The slogan did not work, for after 70 years the much feared mammoth Communist Party crumpled together with its state apparatus despite its, inter alia :
    • Party membership numbering tens of millions
    • Young Communist League comprising 95% of the youth of the USSR
    • Secret Security organ dreaded by citizens
    • Military power second to none on the globe
    • Command economy directly controlled by the Party with natural resources second to none
    • Heavy industry second to none for producing military hardware and industrial machines

The Party decayed due to internal intrigues, greed, corruption, fake elections ad infinitum. It could not deliver on its promises. It vanished like a mist by the heat of anger of people denied their freedom for decades.

The quest for change is rocking China. The reformist leaders since the death of Chairman Mao are listening. The interview of Premier Wen Jiabo with Fareed Zakaria of GPS is indicative of the promising direction that Chinese leaders are taking. The fall of the USSR has surely served them as a lesson.

The point is that there is nothing to fear from the TPLF Party boasting four million members. They will fleece one another soon fighting over power to satisfy their insatiable greed in a poor of the poorest country that has little to offer.

So fear not my fellow Ethiopians for the days of dictators in our global village are numbered. Let us keep on marching for freedom and continue with our resolve to bring the tyrant Meles to justice from which he is trying to escape by clinging on to power by all means at is disposal including hoodwinking donors for financial assistance. Let us all be emboldened by historical events that socio-economic order that is not underpinned by freedom cannot last.

Our appeal to the rest of the international community is implore them to stop immoral flow of funds directly to the treasury of the brutal TPLF regime under the tyrant Meles facing justice for acts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Here below is a convincing comment by fellow Ethiopian on my previous article (titled Expectations in the New Ethiopian Year): :

Quote As you know humans inherit demographic factors such as ethnicity, gender, age, birth place etc by chance, and definitely not by choice. I know no one who was born, black, white, yellow or brown by his own choice. Therefore, to me no sane brain, no piles of logic, no religious doctrine, and even well established sacrilege can justify dividing human souls along these factors Unquote.

For the sake of further argument let us take a test tube filled with blood sample. In the course of analysis the laboratory technician cannot tell the ethnic origin of the sample. The only thing he can tell is that it is human blood. Experts on the origin and miracle of languages confirm that language is not a genetically transferred trait. A child easily speaks the languages of communities to which it is exposed from time to time forgetting the previous ones with the passage of time and sticking with the new. In our mosaic culture languages should be encouraged to grow; one of them could be selected on logical criteria as a national working language. What is important to note is that the quest for freedom is permanent; it is common to the human species. It appears the world is awakening to this reality now than at anytime in history.

Let us say NO to those with evil agenda designed to divide us; let say NO to powers that are hell-bent on exploiting our resources. Let us build a free democratic society that is inclusive and caring. Let us genuinely respect and preserve diverse cultures allowing them to grow with the dynamics of time. Let us call Ethiopia a blessed land for all ethnic groups. Let us care for the unborn to come to a society of harmony, mutual respect and prosperity under the supreme rule of law. Let us in unison work for building a strong and powerful Ethiopia that will be respected in the world.

The Icon Judge Birtukan Mideksa and all political prisoners must be free!

The victory of the Ethiopian people at the historic election of 15 May 2005 shall always be remembered!

The “March for Freedom” will culminate in victory!

Perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity shall be brought to justice!

Long Live Ethiopia!!!

Robele Ababya