Zenawi will never go away peacefully

By Joe Michael / September 9, 2009
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William Wallis, a Financial Times journalist recently debated with Zenawi regarding his confusing statements he has been giving about his resignation. While Zenawi was trying to confuse the whole world and particularly the Ethiopian people by giving imprecise answers, the sharp journalist throw at him a key question that will always be remembered by Ethiopians and the rest of the world.

Wallis asked: “Why is it that Ethiopians don’t really believe you could go?” Zenawi answered: “Because it has not been done in the past in Ethiopia”.

Now the world knows that it will never be done in Ethiopia for as long as Zenawi rules. It is even clearer than any time in the past that the so called EPRDF is a one man party that is run by the dictator Zenawi and his crime family. No matter what happens, Meles Zenawi has no will what so ever to hand over the leadership to another TPLF let alone to Oromo, Amahara, Gurage, etc.

Many of us were deluded by Zenawi’s resignation trick, including my self who wrote a short article about a year ago under the title of ‘who replaces Meles Zenawi’. The fog has now been cleared that there is no such thing called ‘retirement’ in Zenawi’s notebook. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for Zenawi to retire.

For those journalists who had the chance to face Zenawi and witnessed his self-deception, it is now your turn to be bored of asking him the same question simply because now you know better that whatever comes out of the evil man's mouth is a hoax. For Ethiopians, this could create a different opportunity to intesify the struggle as the world will shortly stop listening to the liar Zenawi.