Why does HR 2003 scare Meles Zenawi

By Robele Ababya / December 8, 2007

The Meles Zenawi regime continues to intensify its last-ditch desperate effort to kill HR2003. It is doing so against the backdrop of mounting international demand for justice and respect for human rights. Meles is incessantly lamenting that the Bill will undermine his cooperation in the fight against terrorism if and when it becomes law. This brings to light that his jump into the bandwagon of coalition of the willing in the war on terrorism was not as a matter of principle but solely a calculated stratagem to be kept in power in exchange. He has unwittingly exposed his true nature of a thug who cares least about principles.


Meles has neither moral nor legitimate authority to speak for the sovereignty of Ethiopia, given that he had willfully made her the largest land-locked country in the world. Consequently, he has lost the trust of the Ethiopian people. Only fools and the greedy on his payroll will buy his version of interpretation of sovereignty in relation to HR2003.

In the present world nations live in a global village bound together by multiple or bilateral agreements or relations amounting to treaties. Such bindings entail compromises on the part of parties concerned, which means that sovereignty has to compromised to an extent for the sake of common interest. Both the United States and Ethiopia are contracting members of the United Nations and signatories to its Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Evidently, one can ask the other to uphold international commitment to which both are bound by covenant.

Consequently, HR 2003 in no way infringes on the sovereignty of Ethiopia. The House of Representatives of the US Congress simply and unanimously stated that it is legally and morally untenable to render any form of assistance to a repressive regime in gross violation of the human rights of its own people. It is common sense that an association created by the free will of individuals will exercise the power vested in it by each of those individuals to enforce its bye-laws. The Woyanne regime wants as it were to have its cake and eat it too. The top leaders of the regime are still unable to shed off the culture of their days in the bush where norms of civilized relations hardly existed.

The international community and Ethiopians in particular know that:

  • In the run-up to the historic election of 15 May 2005, the repressive regime called a rally in Addis Ababa at which Meles, upbeat by the large crowd, boastfully told the world that there would be no need for his party to rig the election in view of the massive support it was enjoying. But, another rally called by the opposition that was held one week later flooded Addis Ababa with over 2.5 million jubilant and marvelously well-disciplined Ethiopians and deflated the elated mood of Meles and his cronies. This truly massive show of support for the opposition should have no doubt terrified the tyrannical regime to the extent of compelling it to refine its secret contingency plan of stealing votes and remain in power at any cost. Ethiopians everywhere peacefully protested the daylight robbery of their votes. This led to the brutal massacre of civilians in June and November 2005. The security forces under the direct command of the tyrant aimed, took a deep breath, pulled the trigger and brutally killed unarmed civilians in cold blood – not to mention the mass arrest and torture of tens of thousands. These gruesome episodes of 08 June and November 2005 will never be forgotten.
  • It is now almost one year since TPLF armed forces invaded Somalia against the will of the Ethiopian people. The invaders have committed despicable crimes known to the international community. There is no escape for the aggressors from the quagmire in which they are caught given the worsening political situation in Somalia. This is a nightmare for Meles whose invading forces including him will face justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Meles was once quoted as saying that he could ‘storm heaven’. It appears as an admission on his part that his energy has sapped. One may add that he has run out of his masterly deceptive tactics under heaven to divert issues in order to hide his heinous crimes. He now knows his downfall will come any time soon and he will have nowhere to run to escape facing justice, and enjoy all the luxuries that his amassed stolen wealth can buy, in case HR2003 becomes law before he makes the run. That is why he is terrified of the Bill, which he knows the Ethiopian people would accept it in a plebiscite if he were to allow it.

The ego of the heaven-storming bragger is mortally wounded. This warlord has fallen far short of delivering on his promise to provide three square meals daily to the Ethiopian people. His crimes are mounting and poverty in Ethiopia is spreading. Opposition forces are narrowing their differences and are resolved to subdue the tyrant. He is worried by the impending war with Eritrea. The fate of his forces bogged down in Somalia is unknown. The carte blanche political support of the Bush administration coupled with money collected from ill-informed American tax payers flowing in to his coffers are bound to dry up. Most of all, the spirits of the unforgettable martyrs of June and November 2005 are haunting him. These are ominous signs to him of his downfall. His fall from power will end his unbridled act of terrorizing the Ethiopian and the Somali peoples.

Robele Ababya can be reached at robele_ababya@yahoo.com