Ginbot 7: on the withdrawal of Meles Zenawi's troops from Somalia.

Press Release / January 4, 2009

After 2 years of wreaking havoc in Somalia and suffering a humiliating defeat, the Meles regime in Ethiopia this week is forced to withdraw its invading army.

Ginbot 7 believes that the invasion of Somalia was unnecessary, and the result has been devastating for both the people of Somalia and Ethiopia in terms of losses of lives and scarce resources.

Humanitarian agencies estimate that over 10,000 Somali civilians have been killed and 2 million were made homeless as a direct result of the invasion of Somalia by Meles Zenawi’s regime. Thousands of young Ethiopians who were sent to fight the senseless war in Somalia have been wounded and killed in vain. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in the war that could have been used to feed starving children. In short, the decision by the Meles dictatorship to invade Somalia had been extremely harmful to Ethiopia and the whole Horn of Africa region.

Meles Zenawi and all the government officials in Ethiopia who had planned and executed the Somalia invasion must be held accountable for not only harming the short and long term interests of Ethiopia in the region, but equally importantly for committing war crimes, including torture, rape and mass murder against Somali civilians.

Ginbot 7 is thus demanding the immediate removal of Meles Zenawi and his regime. We urge all Ethiopian civic and political groups to come together and work to bring an end to the TPLF devastating rule that is the root cause of most of the suffering in Ethiopia today.Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy

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Source: Ginbot 7