A NATIONAL CALL: Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee

July 9, 2010
The Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee is delighted to express its satisfaction with the substantive discussion carried out by the Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, held at Crystal City, Virginia, from April 9-11, 2010.

We are heartened in particular, by the Conference’s unconditional demand that “the Ethiopian government discloses the purpose and nature of the on-going border negotiation with the Sudan, and that the TPLF/EPRDF refrains from once again abrogating Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Without doubt, this is a highly commendable position from a cross-section of Ethiopian and other African, American and European experts, including diplomats, academics, civic leaders and other participants. Indeed, it is a model of civic engagement on matters of vital national interest to the Ethiopian people, which we believe that Ethiopian political parties and civic organizations will endorse. Animated, therefore, by the success of the meeting, the Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee would like to call on:

All opposition political parties to show an unwavering commitment to champion the country’s national interest, its independence, sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity. In particular, the Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee avails itself of this opportunity to remind them of the need to incorporate the Ethio-Sudan border question as an integral part of their political programs and to defend Ethiopia’s indisputable right to its territorial integrity, rejecting and repudiating any secret deals made by TPLF/ERPDF which is designed to compromise Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

All civic organizations within and outside Ethiopia to stand for a unified, inclusive and democratic Ethiopia whose future development and the shared prosperity of its citizens will depend on safeguarding its national resources, forests, mineral resources, farmlands, flora and fauna and its considerable water resources for the benefit of everyone within its borders.

Ethiopians in the Diaspora to do everything within their means to make their voices known to the international community that the TPLF/EPRDF government has compromised and will continue to compromise Ethiopia’s national interests for short term political, economic and financial gains, and call on you to cooperate with the Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee in its ongoing efforts to raise global awareness on the critical border issue.

The international community also needs to be constantly reminded of the fact that the regime’s recent claim of winning 99.6% of the votes of the so-called “election,” is nothing but a stage-managed farce. It is indeed ironic that an unforgiving regime which rules by the iron fist, and which keeps itself in power through terror, fraud, deceit, and the rigging of elections , and gross violation of human rights, has the audacity to claim that it has the overwhelming support of the Ethiopian people.

Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee

Long live Ethiopia!

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