Sebhat Nega lying right through his teeth

By Ewnetu Sime / November 1, 2013

I listened the interview of Sebhat Nega on Sunday, October 20, 2013 with Dereje Desta of ZeEthiopia newspaper. In case you missed it visit

During this interview, Sebhat brushed aside in his effort to deceive the hard truth of the past and present political events of Ethiopia. His outright denial of reality and his annoying gut during the entire interview period would drive listeners crazy. He spent his time trying to convince listeners that things are not really worse as they seem.

Sebhat is a political front man for TPLF. He denied that he was dismissed from ethnic-party owned EFFORT CEO Position with disgrace by aka “Queen of Corruption” Azeb Mesfin .  He denied that he openly blamed Meles for “killing TPLF” after Meles’s death, and the current conflict among TPLF/EPRDF officials that resulted into two Groups namely: Sebhat Nega’s and late Prime Minister Meles widow’s Groups. He further claimed that in TPLF’s struggle history, they never faced internal division, only had different opinions. Sebhat should be reminded that there were widespread reports by dissidents during his TPLF’s Leadership. He periodically ordered his party loyalist carried out torture or even execution of those he felt had crossed him.

As he continued the interview, he stated that the TPLF/EPDRF constitution is like a “bible” it is solid and respected by all. If that is the case, he was asked if the land giveaway to foreign investors is constitutional or not?. He chose to dodge the question and not answer it… But the fact is – not only violating their own constitution the regime officials (mostly his party members) benefit from land sales and secretive leasing agreements. When he was asked to explain about the urgent promoting of the thirty three (33) army generals after Meles’ death and prior installing the current Prime Minister, Sebhat said he has no recollection of the promoting of the thirty three army generals. The interviewer  then commented, it was announced by state’s media. Sebhat could not defend his denial. He also attempted to minimize embezzlement and  the fraud by saying Ethiopia with other Africans are better off and in real sense corruption does not exist in Ethiopia. As we all know, the embezzlement and fraud long went unpunished, particularly for those with high-level connections.  It is an open secret that Sebhat and cronies involved in corruption acquired lavish villas and the illicit outflow money at a massive scale out of the country.

These inconsistent statements clearly illustrate the character of Sebhat  . He is blind to truth and justice. Sebhat is a backbone of a brutal dictator and master of intrigue in Modern History. He is an old dog with old tricks and he will never learn from past mistakes. Sebhat has been travelling to USA several times for variety of reasons. He has been enjoying his stay in America. He is dining and wining in five star hotels and party inTPLF’s Embassy Receptions, Unless he is stupid, he has seen how the United States is an ethnically diverse nations.  It is said by many a “melting pot” of cultures from around the world where individual choices without the constraints of class, religion, race, or ethnic group. In fact most of us Ethiopian political asylees are attracted to this beautiful country as it promises life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, Sebhat and his loyalist TPLF’s Leaders are incapable understanding this concept, although they have been enjoying in US the fruit of freedom.. Our beautiful country also ethnically diverse country deserves same rights as the free world. But Sebhat and TPLF has chosen to do the opposite.

They maintained power through corruption, ruthlessness, and vote rigging system for winning elections they deployed as recently as 2010. They continue to rule with cruelty, including the murder of 198 peacefully protestors in 2005 (GC), and thousands of peace loving people all over the county. The patriotic journalists, opposition parties leaders, and other activities are still languishing in notorious jail system.

The Opposition parties and other activists group ought to know that the ordinary people will be less sympathetic to, supportive to, if they fail to put aside difference and stand united to advance a just struggle for freedom.  Justice would prevail as seen like many other countries, the powerful would be vanquished!!