But Caution, If It Becomes fanatical, Can Destroy the Trust.

By Geatchew Reda (Respond To Professor Tecola W/Hagos)
June 26, 2007

I don’t know when the Professor will stop being too suspicious to every decent Ethiopian opposition leaders that comes out voluntary to lead the country out of the quagmire, but I found it very distractive, at times his critique is worst than that of the Banda in power when it come to the Kinijjit leaders currently in jail illegally.

What the professor with all his talent seems to lost sight of is: - although caution is necessary, but caution, if it becomes fanatical, can destroy the “trust” in one another- the trust that is essential to our success in resisting the enemy’s conspiracy. I am deeply worried many times by his comments that he is publishing in his campaign of tarnishing Ato Hailu Shaul and currently Dr. Taye Weldesemayat both heroes of the Millions of Ethiopian men and women who both are also considered noticed heroes of Human Right Activists and a staunch leaders.

How could be so that Professor Tecola accused both gentle men as Dergists and ethnocentric fellows? It is good to alert or caution society to be aware of the past failures in general that is been practiced in the country not to be repeated. But to refuse the current situation and to preach not to trust these gentle men who were been accepted, admired and respected by so many and so many citizens inside Ethiopia and all over the world for challenging the most dangerous and strongest destructive Banda group giving up their comfortable life is disillusionment. They successfully exposed the banda system throughout the world its skeleton to be seen necked they deserve to be trusted. They have shown both their integrity and Ethiopian nationality in practice and in theory. If Tecola think they have done some wrongs in the past (or when what ever time it is been- by Tecola’s colander), both gentlemen paid their due, their responsibility and paid back society more than their share and more than the damages they were been accused of by Tecola. And this people paid dearly their life more than me and Tecola Hagos and more than any one of us for the safety, unity and security of the country. For this, and for this alone they deserve a high remark and stand ovation with full respect and love.

Politics is nothing but practice and they practiced it and we saw it. What we saw from them we liked it. We can’t afford to loose trust on these greatest citizens at this challenging time when majority of the Ethiopian scholars and middle-class educated sectors are ridiculously remote and refused to give their knowledge and time in the mother of all greatest battle ever. When the nation is deceived and betrayed by many intellectuals, to refuse to trust these gentlemen for fear as what Tecola is cautioning us that they might bring us the Derg back or the Amhara to rule Ethiopia (what ever his reference…) is to lose the finer quality of our nature.

If there is to any goodness, any of the finer qualities of human life, any of the deeper satisfaction, we must take a chance at times, and on trust even though our trust may be betrayed. And when it is betrayed and we are embittered, we should remember what the Psalmist tells us- that we must not base our lives on how we feel in the hour of disillusionment. We must remember that there are people who can be trusted is essential to us, and that the quality of our own lives is dependent upon our continuing to have faith, both in ourselves and in other people. Suppose kindness does not beget kindness, is it not better to be kind? Suppose that confidence has been misplaced, is it not better rather than to have had faith in someone even though it was betrayed rather than to have been governed by suspicious and mistrust? I want to pass a message to all Ethiopian educated citizens where ever you will be, - they gave their live for us according to their promise that they told us they trust our love and y respect for them, so why not we trust them and love them the way they trust us and showed us in practice? I will love and show the same respect to Tecola if he does put the same fight what Hailu and Taye did. Let us not play politics here, it is too luxurious to do such game at this time, Ethiopia is in a dangerous situation for the last sixteen years strangled by anti Ethiopia mercenary group. It is this situation that all of you should stop the fear what TPLF leaders are telling you to fear. TPLF fears Hailu Shaul, Birtukan, Mesfen, Taye, all the thousands of good Ethiopians currently in jail or in the Diaspora. Its reason for the fear of these individuals is obvious: they are unified in one “Ethiopia”. The TPLF knows that a united force can move mountains. Therefore it will do everything possible to see the unity never happens, including tarnishing names and their dignity to look bad on the eye of the people. Tarnishing names of dignified Ethiopians/Tigrayans is best weapon worked for TPLF than the rifle it shoot to kill its adversaries through out its time in the jungle or currently sitting as government. Each day we failed to unite it is not the TPLF but us who are moving our country closer to disintegration. //-// Ethiopia will prevail! -//-