TPLF buried secrets (Part II)

By Aram Maru / November 1, 2011 / TPLF's buried secrets(PART I)
  What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subjectís wellbeing and wealth.
"What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subjectís wellbeing and wealth. ." Azmera Tesfaye

Gebremedhin Araya unearthed once again TPLF buried secrets by articulating on various issues. If reconstruction of history is to fail, one of the preconditions is to muzzle and discourage all those who are living testimonies and by discrediting and linking them as terrorists than admitting ones own guilt. By now it has become clear the missing links and vivid illustration of the abuse of human rights and the subversion of the interests of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Bob Marley’s lyric "you can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time" is the right expression for the present and past history of the elite sitting at the helm of power.

Ato Gebremedhin in his article made no attempt to hide the facts in the ghastly details that has emerged from an organization which is no stranger to scandals. Although it is an open knowledge that the regime of the TPLF/EPRDF systematically used torture during the TPLF years, no one expects that the TPLF officials would officially admit it. Execution, torture and purging were the political order of the organization. The TPLF was never to lock up as top secret its own deeds as these buried secrets would come sooner or later. The roots of the brutality on fellow citizens are what ignite most fellow Ethiopians to unite in fierce criticism against TPLF/EPRDF administration from all corners of the world. TPLF/EPRDF leadership never heeded for people’s cry for democratic order as it is entirely controlled by one or few gangs of leaders.

Ato Gebremedhin showed Meles and Sebhat Nega as masterminds of intrigues luring their cohorts to commit the worst atrocities. The Meles-Sebhat stablemate exercised unlimited powers by subjecting the front without accountability. The use of torture has been a constant practice to quash any dissent. Torture was regarded as a means to an end. The objective was to intimidate through constant coercions and killings in order to obtain confessions, which resulted in an organization without democratic practice and tradition.

Torture is the most universally condemned and repudiated practice. When the TPLF committed this crime in a wide spread and systematic mode, it constitutes a crime against humanity. In every case, responsibility lies at the top leadership of the TPLF officials. TPLF leadership used torture and dubious measures through its army of cadres to terrorize our citizens by accusing them as spies of the Derg, diehards, feudal, capitalist lackeys, revisionists, anti-Eritrea, etc.

The Convention Against Torture (CAT) defines torture in Article I as “any act by which sever pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain and suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquaintance of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.”

There is no democracy or economic growth without addressing the human rights abuse the regime executes in its hidden past. The crimes covered during the TPLF’s reign of terror have to be unmasked by those victims or families of the victims and investigated by prominent lawyers. It is our responsibility to get to the bottom of all these allegations forwarded by those who suffered a lot but have not the possibility to speak up for themselves.

In order to ascertain the will of the people, a democratic system provides elections. Democracy is therefore a process whereby the people, rather than a dictator, can peacefully present and review options. But from what we witnessed under TPLF leadership, democracy is nothing other than self-interest. After Ato Gebremedhin gruesome publication, scores of witnesses have given detail accounts of torture, death and disappearance. Because of the psychological trauma they suffered still some of the fighters who possess sensitive information are reluctant to talk. TPLF’s horrific shadows still linger upon them. The situation of many families had not yet been resolved. We will publish details of the names of fallen victims by Bisrat Amare and his Gestapo associates who are still in power. The pain they had inflicted on those many, anyone with knowledge of persons killed, tortured or having suffered other abuses must come forward and inform us so that those who are guilty are revealed.

Another controversy or the ploy played by the TPLF is on the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. Everybody knows when Meles stated that he was stabbed at the back by his Eritrean ally, EPLF when Ethiopia was invaded in 1998. However, the crux of the matter was concluded long before both fronts entered to their respective capital cities as the new leaders. The ploy that Eritrea without any reason went into Badme, Igela and Zalambessa was in reality revealed by Ato Gebremedhin Araya in 1990 before the EPRDF seized power. It was published in Addis Zemen newspaper issue of Hedar 8 1982 EC (November 1990). The interview has a great importance as the issue of border is concerned and the stand taken both then and now by the head of the government Meles. Meles’ and Sebhat’s position of what is Zalambessa and let it be in EPLF’s hands for the coming 30 years emanates from the secret dealings they had with the EPLF leadership.

TPLF and EPLF due to EPLF's claim of territory which is under Tigray administration.

“THE TPLF MISSION” Appeared in Addis Zemen on Hedar 8, 1982 E.C (November 1990)

 Question, Reporter: According to reports, a conflict had arisen (been created) between TPLF and EPLF due to EPLF’s claim of territory which is under Tigrai administration. How so? While the two [rebel] groups are still working hand-in-glove (literally father and son)? It is said that they are doing this as a ploy to appear independent from each other. Can you address this issue?

Answer Gebremedhin Araya: Regarding this, it is true that EPLF raised the question of territorial claim in 1969 E.C. (1977) The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) had raised the same issue earlier with respect to two districts: Shelalo and Sheshebit of Lower Adiabo, but since it was defeated in battle by TPLF and due to prior conflict between them as well as the quest for land raised, it did not pursue the matter further. However, EPLF and TPLF have made great strides in this regard owing to the close unity (literally one-body) that exists between them.

The issue was raised in 1969 E.C. (1977). The territory referred to is inside Tigray covers: starting from Badema, Dedebit, Gual Dedebit, all the water-forest zone of Sheraro up to and including Mentebteb district. And again as one moves upland to the North the territory includes Adi Hageray, Adi Nebriid , Adi Quala Adi Deweron. These are woredas (districts) of Shire Awraja (sub-province). All are connected with each other. Next comes Yetchila and after that comes a woreda called Assaye and further on is another district called Egela which is a part of Entichio woreda. The latter two are in Adwa Awraja. After that, the territory claim continues as far as Zalambessa which is a part of Agame Awraja. All these districts are interconnected with each other.

The EPLF representatives said: "these districts belong to Eritrea and they all belong to us."

Reporter: What was the response€ given by TPLF?

Gebremedhin: Since I was present (eye witness) on that occasion, I am obliged to testify (the truth) about my country. Those who were called upon to negotiate were Abbay Tsehaye and Meles Zenawi their response was: ‘it is true, based on historical study; we have ascertained that this territory is an integral part of Eritrea” Yet, while they claim that their finding is based on history, they do not provide the source of their “historical” evidence. Thereafter, the agreement was concluded.

Then the question arose how (in what manner) will the territory be transferred to EPLF?

The answer given to this question was: "if we right away partition (literally to tear off) the territory then the entire people of Tigray will rise against us, therefore let us sign this document now and wait in silence until the opportune time”

The signatories were:

On behalf of TPLF Abbay Tsehaye and Meles Zenawi

On behalf of Shaebia: Wodi Efraim (Sebhat Efraim) and Petros Solomon

After the agreement, which stated that the above listed districts of Tigray region belong to Eritrea was signed, they [the signatories] said: "this case must be kept secret, lest the people of Tigray rise against us". Thus a document exists, which states the question will be translated into practical action: after the fall of the Ethiopian Government; after Eritrea is liberated themselves from the colonialism of the Amhara Government; and when Tigray establishes its own government. And we have spoken at length the identity ('blood and belonging”) of those who signed the document; namely, Meles and company.

However, the rank and file of TPLF is not aware of this case [agreement]. For, it is kept in a classified document marked TOP SECRET meaning they will share out (divide up) the territory after independence. Such is the damage that this anti-democratic group inflicts on the people of Tigray.

Sunday Hedar 10, 1982. As will be recalled, TPLF signed an agreement with EPLF to cede woredas (districts) of Tigray region to Eritrea based on its sectarian policy, TPLF separates (classifies) people in Tigray region into those of Eritrean and Tigrean origin for tax payment purposes. The reason for this distinction is to put into effect TPLF’s obsession of tearing of/ partitioning of Tigray districts [de facto separation] which it has learnt from its godfather (mentor) EPLF.

End of interview

The Amharic Transcript is given below.

Courtesy to Belai Abay submitted at TISJD

In a title “Ato Mele’s EPRDF is Capitulationist” Gebru Asrat Ex- President of Tigray answered questions to the Ethiopian Reporter:

Question: Can be done by EPRDF the nullification and voidance of the Algiers Agreement?

“I don’t think the EPRDF can raise these issues. The present EPRDF, Ato Meles’s EPRDF, is capitulationist, submissive. It does not stand for the sovereignty of this country. In fact, many of the views Ato Meles expresses dismiss the existence of such a nation Ethiopia. According to this government, the sovereignty of a Country and independence are meaningless in the age of globalization. This is in spite of the fact that there are definitely states that jealously protect their sovereignty and vigorously pursue their national interests. What this mean is that Ato Meles’s government countries even those go against the national interest of Ethiopia ????. This is what you get in one man dictatorship where Ato Meles, not EPRDF, controls everything and dictates everything according to his whims and wishes.” Meles is a ruthless “tough politician” who scarifies friends or foe for the furtherance of his political ambitions.

Alemseged (from Enderta) a fierce warrior was tortured by Bisrat Amare with hot rod umbrella wires which was inserted under his clothes to burn his skin with maximum pain and later died in Adiabo battling EDU. He was being suspected with no proof as a Derg spy. One day his colleague saw his wounds and asked him what happened, he had been tortured by Bisrat Amare and kept it secret for himself for fear of reprisal. After few months before his death he conceded that Bisrat Amare was one of the most brutal human beasts he ever encountered. Bisrat Amare reduces victims to nervous wrecks.

Taddese “kokate” (from Enderta) was a medic when the PM (Meles) led his first test of military operation at Adwa bank robbery. Many fighters make a mockery of Meles by stating that he was not as sharp as his tongue when it came to battle. Many former TPLF fighters label Meles when it comes to food inconsiderate, inherently greedy and lazy. He left his comrades behind among others Teklehaimanot “mehaym” to die and Meles appeared after a couple of days at the base. Taddese demanded a harsh sentence possibly death to be taken by firing squads. Such a harsh sentence was the order of the day but it only applied to others. It did not apply to Meles. Subsequently Taddese was murdered under the pretext of smearing Meles name. That was the start of the Awraja politics by the top of TPLF leadership to hound those from Enderta, Agame, Tembien, and Kilteawlaelo and still operating through marriages and loyalty of the current leadership. Oqubaezigi Beyene from Axum uttered a word “let’s move EDU is after us” and it cost him his live.

We Ethiopians must fight for the freedom of our people and those responsible leaders for torture and violation of human right to be brought to the court of justice. The cohorts and perpetrators of this inhuman act by following the direct order of their masters have also to be convicted in the countries where they live. It is intolerable that they are free to walk the streets of USA and Europe etc. by intimidating innocent peoples using paltalks, internet articles, radio and TV broadcasting. The time is long overdue to seek justice and honor the victims of Bisrat Amare and the likes. To be continued 

TPLF's buried secrets(PART I)