TPLF's buried secrets

By Aram Maru / October 14, 2011
  What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject’s wellbeing and wealth.
"What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject’s wellbeing and wealth. ." Azmera Tesfaye
We Tigreans, the price of not speaking up have been huge against TPLF leaders. Many innocent lives are lost and huge sacrifices are paid. The struggle for accountability has been replaced by fear, reprisal and loyalty to muzzle the untold brutality. Ato Gebremedhin emboldened to tell his personal knowledge, unburdening himself of his horror by sharing his memory with whoever will listen. His story is likely to stay in our collective memory and affirms our previous suspicions. What the victims’ families want is the lists, detailing who did what, who kidnapped whom at what year and place for what reason, where he/she was killed and where he/she is buried? Face up to the past and let the victims’ families know! Why be slow to acknowledge and turn a blind eye to the violence and brutality TPLF leaders prefer to avoid?

As for the TPLF's buried secrets, nearly 27 years or more had gone by in silence. Who is responsible? A bedrock of facts is pouring about who did what to how many. Crucial facts will not fade or be concealed even for many years. TPLF leaders must fully confront its past demons. The heavy hand and narrow circle of the policies of purging were brutal and devastating for many fighters. The purges changed the balance of political power. Sebhat Nega and Meles Zenawi and their stooges managed to bring both the party and the cadres to a state of complete submission under their rule. Ex-TPLF members are writing of the gruesome atrocities committed and exposing the naked truth regarding the present Ethiopian high-ranking officials involved in the summary execution of innocent civilians.

Furthermore, Article IV of the UN convention on Human Rights provides that persons committing genocide or any other acts enumerated in Article III shall be punished whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials and private individuals. The time is now for the atonement of the peace-loving people of Tigray when those responsible against the barbaric acts are brought to justice. I encourage every Ethiopian who claims love for Ethiopia to come forward and expose the fraud and deceit involved in covering up the murderous acts.

For Ethiopians as such, this will undoubtedly occupy a unique place in our national history by cracking the so-called mysterious movement with such a gang of killing squads. The deeper answers lie within the bowels of TPLF hierarchical system of misrule. The deaths of innocent people have never been fully investigated and it is my sincere hope that an official inquiry may lay the past to rest with arraignment and trial.

Behind the facade the Ethiopian PM Presents to the outside world comes a darker and harsher reality of the TPLF’s atrocious misdeeds. Ato Gebremedhin on his latest article could give a report of the chilling reminder of the killing fields we were not aware of. Gebremedhin by his account as it seems is only scratching the surface of the dramatic episode of violence and execution. Those who violated need to be brought to justice and their abuses brought to an end. It should be a legal and moral issue for all to examine and bring to justice those who committed these heinous crimes and demand retribution for those fallen victims of TPLF’s political violence. Families and friends to loved ones have the right to know the true story when and by whom and whose order they all disappeared. The brutal treatments of prisoners of war and the death sentences passed by the leadership have also to be included when these thugs are impeached.

Our commitment to the struggle of crimes against humanity must be directed with endeavor against the perpetrators and violators of human rights by organizing evidences and cooperating with lawyers so that warrants are issued for crimes against humanity. Although the emotional harm brought to victims cannot be measured, the regrettable chapter in the lives of former fighters and their families will help to heal the psychological trauma. To seek justice for those victims must be a paramount concern.

No one is indispensable and regarded above the law and should not escape prosecution at home or abroad and go unpunished. Gebremedhin’s startling account opened voices for victims and offered a sigh of relief to the ruthless crimes. Many have been kept in the dark for so many years and they would like to know about their sons, daughters, husbands, and families.

The legal proceedings against TPLF leadership will energize an entire nation from its slumbering amnesia and stimulate a dialog about the horrors and crimes TPLF leaders have brought down on Ethiopians. It is inspirational to see the beginning of the end of the reign of fear. Changes are not born out of fear but out of bold steps and courage. No political system can build unshakable foundations on unqualified hardnosed claims about historical truth.